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Interview about brand-new bachelor in Regenerative Medicine and Technology

Since September 2023, Maastricht University offers a bachelor in Regenerative Medicine and Technology. Coordinator of the new bachelor Jurica Bauer and Lab Manager Timo Rademakers share their enthusiasm about the brand-new programme on pages 6 and 7 of FHML Education Matters.

Jurica Bauer: “As far as we know this is one of the first and only bachelor’s programmes in this field in the world. Although there are several master’s programmes focusing on regenerative medicine, they all consider it primarily a specialisation of biomedical engineering, biomedical sciences or biotechnology. Up until now, people working in regenerative medicine are either chemists, clinicians, engineers or biologists. They have to do a lot of independent learning to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to bridge the gap. Our objective is to train students to obtain the right background as early on as possible, thus making sure they are well equipped to work in this multidisciplinary field.”

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