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04 February 2022

Martijn van Griensven takes over as Vice-Director of MERLN

Congratulations to Martijn van Griensven, chair of the Cell Biology-Induced Tissue Engineering (cBITE) department, who has been appointed as Vice-Director of MERLN. Martijn is taking over the vice-directorship from Lorenzo Moroni who is now the Scientific Director of MERLN.

With his clinical background and years of research experience in tissue engineering, cell and molecular biology and immunology, Martijn will continue his mission to further strengthen the profile of regenerative medicine in Maastricht. He will particularly focus on making an academic, clinical and societal impact by setting up an effective research translation strategy.

"I am extremely honored to have been offered the position of vice-director and humbly accepted. Working with a fantastic multi-disciplinary team at MERLN, we will be able to further unravel many tissue-damaging pathologies, provide novel therapies using this pathological insight, and finally bring it to the patient and society! Furthermore, I will do my best to lead MERLN together with Lorenzo to promote the careers of each MERLN member."