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MERLN gives regenerative medicine guest lecture at Porta Mosana

In our ongoing partnership with the Porta Mosana high school in Maastricht, the MERLN outreach team organized a guest lecture for students in the 5th year of VWO. In the lecture, Anika Schumacher and Erik Vrij introduced the students to the field of regenerative medicine and the type of research MERLN performs.

During the guest lecture, several topics were discussed such as repairing burns by using fish skin, the development of synthetic embryos for research into fertility problems and the development of kidney tissue to make the life of dialysis patients more bearable. The students were very enthusiastic and many of them expressed interest already in folliwing a mini-internship at MERLN after summer to experience research first-hand!

Many thanks again to Leonie Titulaer, chemistry teacher at Porta Mosana, to help us organize everything!

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