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MERLN Outreach: Lecture at Technologietafel

Erik Vrij, postdoc at the IBE department, gave a lecture at the Technology Table ("Technologietafel") event in Helmond. MERLN supports this initiative by giving lectures on regenerative medicine, with a special focus on the work done at our institute.

The audience consisted of high school students and their teachers from the Dr. Knippenbergcollege. The aim of this regularly organized event is to strengthen cooperation between education and (technical) businesses in the Helmond area. This cooperation is important to bring developments and innovations from the business community closer to the world of education. Teachers need up-to-date knowledge, students need to be continuously inspired by the world of technology, and the business world needs well-trained technical personnel. In doing so, an extra impulse can be given to promoting science education and motivating students to choose a technical study.

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