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MERLN part of national awareness fundraising campaign

Today is the kick-off of a national awareness campaign, set up by 14 university funds, to inform the public about the importance of research and draw more attention to science as a good cause. For Maastricht, the University Fund Limburg (UFL-SWOL) helped with setting up the campaign. Each university has adopted its own theme and Maastricht University focuses on a combined approach with two health projects: prevention and regeneration.

The two campaigns are “Contribute to a healthy generation” and “Give for a (pain) free life!”, the latter of which is being coordinated by MERLN’s Martijn van Griensven.

The “Give for a (pain) free life!” project focuses on innovation in the natural repair of bone fractures. Martijn conducts research into developing implant structures that naturally fill fractures and can help patients recover faster. Additional research is needed to improve the quality of the stem cells used in these procedures and optimize the application of growth factors that improve the process.

We really need your contribution! Can we count on you? Click here to go to our campaign project page.

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