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28 May 2021

MERLN visits Porta Mosana high school for guest lecture on regenerative medicine

In our ongoing partnership with the Porta Mosana high school in Maastricht, the MERLN outreach team organized a guest lecture for students in the 5th year of VWO. In the lecture, Floor Ruiter and Erik Vrij introduced the students to the field of regenerative medicine and the type of research MERLN performs. Part of the class joined in person, while the rest followed the lecture online via Zoom.

In the next academic year, these students will chose a topic for a report and, for those interested in picking regenerative medicine as their topic, we will invite them over for a mini-internship to experience research first-hand!

We also took the opportunity of visiting Porta Mosana to ask the students on their thoughts regarding a new regenerative medicine bachelor program Jurica Bauer is developing. With the help of Lotte Donders from UM's marketing department, we received valuable input to optimize our bachelor to fit with their expectations.

Many thanks also to Leonie Titulaer, chemistry teacher at Porta Mosana, who has helped us with coordinating the lecture!