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Paul Wieringa receives NWO Demonstrator grant

Congratulations to Paul Wieringa for receiving an NWO Demonstrator grant for his FiberCyte project! 

The FiberCyte project aims to further showcase a recently developed scaffold templating approach as an invaluable future tool for tissue engineering, 3D cell culture, and organ-on-a-chip applications. This technology provides a versatile tool to create interconnected microchannel network within a 3D engineered tissue, with channel diameters ranging from the micron to millimeter scale. The cytocompatibility of the dissolution process and the cell adhesive properties of the scaffold will make it possible to rapidly form a 3D vascular network, bringing us a step closer to generating large scale engineered tissues. This opens up new avenues for the production of implantable tissues and organs, providing the Biomedical industry with the tools to deliver on the promises of regenerative medicine.

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