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20 January 2023

Sangita Swapnasrita receives Kolff+ grant from Dutch Kidney Foundation

Congratulations to Sangita Swapnasrita who received a Kolff+ grant from the Dutch Kidney Foundation. The project focuses on the development of a device that should enable a new way of peritoneal dialysis for kidney patients, the Sorbent-Assisted Continuous Flow Peritoneal Dialysis, shortened to SAPD. The flushing liquid is continuously circulated and purified with binders. The blood purification increases, lower glucose concentrations are required in the irrigation fluid and fewer exchanges are required, which reduces the risk of peritonitis.

Benefits of SAPD for the patient include increased efficiency and it gives people more flexibility and control over their lives because it is a small device. This increases the opportunities for social contact.

Sangita will work on a mathematical model in which she will calculate for a large number of parameters how treatment efficiency is affected if she changes the parameters. These parameters include, for example, the duration of the flush or the glucose concentration. The model makes it possible to tailor treatment to an individual patient because it can predict what will happen at certain settings.