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The first online MERLN "pub" quiz!

To make up for having to miss out on our monthly Friday afternoon "borrels", MERLN hosted its first online pub quiz! Eight teams participated for a chance at everlasting fame and glory. After tallying the points, quiz masters Fiona and Dennie announced the winner: team "Palmolive"! Congratulations to Daniel, Tristan, Claudia and Shivesh! The scores of all teams were as follows: 

Team Score
Palmolive 66
MERLN and the Quizzards 64
Bacalhau, chorizo and leberkas 58
The islet group 57
Life of π 55
Bermuda triangle 54
A couple of couples 47
Midwife Corporation  43

Having the most original outfits were voted: Anika and Bas from team "A couple of couples" and Julia and Stefan from team "Bacalhau, chorizo and leberkas".

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