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Tony Feliciano and Matt Baker receive NWO Take-Off grant

Congratulations to Tony Feliciano and Matt Baker who received an NWO Take-Off grant. This type of grant is a loan that can be used to perform a feasibility study of the commercial application of innovative ideas. Such a feasibility study leads to a report which includes the possibilities of a start-up. Tony and Matt's study will focus on the commercialization potential of their bioink platforms.

The creation of 3D complex tissue in the laboratory stands to revolutionize medical treatments and testing. Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine are making significant strides with patient‐focused solutions for defects, and in‐vitro tissue models for drug testing. Bioprinting is seeing tremendous development in labs and companies worldwide, yet the availability of bioinks to 3D print living tissues and organs remains very sparse. Current bioinks on the market have limited tailorability (both bioactivity and mechanical properties) and poor mimicry of the “dynamic”” cellular environment. Based on the polymer chemistry and materials research performed in MERLN, Tony and Matt have developed three novel bioink platforms that they would like to explore for commercialization.

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