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Two Marie Curie fellowships for Virginie Joris and Alberto Sensini

We are proud to announce that two Marie Curie European Fellowships were awarded to Virginie Joris and (future MERLN member) Alberto Sensini.

Virginie's project GECKO will focus on kidney organoid formation and, more specifically, understanding the reasons behind the consistent observation of off-target cell populations, such as chondrocytes, within the organoid during growth. These cell populations can severely disrupt organoid function. Virginie will try to reduce the formation of chondrocytes (and cartilage) using a small molecule strategy, thereby improving the quality of the organoids.

In Alberto's project 3NTHESES, he will match innovative biofabrication techniques to guide stem cells in the regeneration of the challenging enthesis tissue (i.e. tendon-to-bone attachment). Trying to faithfully mimic the natural tissue, by using a panel of mechanical and imaging investigations, thanks to innovative hierarchical scaffolds he will try to stimulate human stem cells in the parallel regeneration of the extracellular matrix of the tendon-enthesis-bone tissue.

Congratulations on this achievement and good luck with your projects!

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