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22 April 2021

Vote now for Aurelie Carlier as the New Scientist Science Talent!

This is your chance to vote for Aurélie Carlier in the Science Talent competition organized annually by New Scientist! The page is in Dutch, but all you have to do is select Aurélie's name, enter your email address, and click the "STEM!" button. Voting is possible until May 3.

During the New Scientist Live event the three nominees with the highest score will give a short pitch on their research, followed by the award ceremony where one of the three nominees will win the New Scientist Science Talent Prize.

To give you a quick overview of Aurélie's work, below is a summary that perfectly captures why we think Aurélie deserves to win this award. It would be great if you could help us in making Aurélie the 2021 Science Talent! And, of course, feel free to spread the word!

"Before pilots step into an aeroplane, they first practise difficult manoeuvres in a flight simulator. Why don’t we use this type of virtual training room for medical research? This is the question Aurélie Carlier (MERLN) asked herself. She developed a ‘virtual patient’ to better understand bone fractures. Behind the computer simulations are mathematical models that describe tissue repair and interactions between cells and biomaterials. The virtual patient contributes not only to a better understanding of bone healing, but also to the development of new therapies. This would normally require animal testing or large clinical studies. Aurélie’s simulations speed up research by mapping out what works well and not so well. The results are then applied and built upon ‘in real life’. This is also important for rare diseases for which, due to the small number of patients, large clinical studies are not possible."