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Pinak Samal receives Kootstra Talent Fellowship

Congratulations to Pinak Samal for receiving the Kootstra Talent Fellowship Fall 2021 for his "Organizing the organizers: Artificial signaling centers to control stem cell patterning" project!

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Martijn van Griensven interviewed on new Plasmacure wound treatment

Martijn van Griensven was interviewed by RTL News on a new Plasmacure wound treatment involving "band-aids" that deliver tiny electroshocks to the wound.

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Marianne van der Steen part of Bazaar's "Seven Women to Watch"

Marianne van der Steen was selected by fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar as one of "Seven Women to Watch" in the healthcare field. 

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Aart van Apeldoorn's group makes the cover of Advanced Functional Materials

Congratulations to Aart van Apeldoorn's group on making the front cover of Advanced Biosystems with their paper “Fucoidan Hydrogels Significantly Alleviate Oxidative Stress and Enhance the Endocrine Function of Encapsulated Beta Cells”.

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CSI: Maastricht - MERLN turns into crime lab!

MERLN turned into a crime scene investigation lab this week when two classes from primary school Scharn visited our university! 

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Jasia King interviewed by Dutch Kidney Patient Association

Jasia King was interviewed by the Dutch Kidney Patient Organization to talk about her work in computational modeling of kidney cells

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Clemens van Blitterswijk receives the ESB Klaas de Groot award

Congratulations to Clemens van Blitterswijk who was awarded the Klaas de Groot award at the annual European Society for Biomaterials (ESB) meeting.

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Tony Feliciano and Matt Baker receive NWO Take-Off grant

Congratulations to Tony Feliciano and Matt Baker who received an NWO Take-Off grant to perform a commercialization feasability study on their bioink platforms.

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Sangita Swapnasrita receives MDR Young Talent Incentive

Congratulations to Sangita Swapnasrita who is is one of three recipients of the MDR Young Talent Incentive!

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