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At the MERLN Institute, we aim to establish a strong research community that stretches far beyond our own labs. We foster the translation of our fundamental research into products with real-world impact in close collaboration with the Brightlands Health Campus, and we stimulate our researchers to understand and navigate the translation of their discoveries and encourage venture building.

MERLN is committed to helping the business community connect to our own entrepreneurs and innovative researchers and therefore continuously initiates new long-lasting collaborations with national and international partners. We facilitate connections between MERLN and industry, including entrepreneurs seeking access to our inventions and talent, large corporations looking to tap the institute’s research capabilities, and investors wanting to financially support our venture-building. Moreover, we organize and participate in a variety of outreach activities to inform the general public of our innovative research projects, the latest developments in the field of regenerative medicine, and exciting future prospects. And of course, we are very grateful to our philanthropists who make a significant contribution to our research efforts that will ultimately lead to the development of new treatment possibilities to help society and create a new, brighter future.

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