ReGEN Biomedical: Funded by REACT-EU through OPZuid

ReGEN Biomedical has the ambition to develop equipment to industrialize Regenerative Medicine (RG) manufacturing. It does this in collaboration with Maastricht University (UM) and the Maastricht University Medical Center (MUMC+). Over the past years, UM has been able to fully exploit its knowledge in the field of RG and has built up an impressive IP portfolio for this purpose. ReGEN Biomedical is a collaborative vehicle to valorize this knowledge. The small-scale and labor-intensive procedures of the UM labs will be converted into prototypes machines and materials to serve the RG market in an industrial and large-scale manner.

In this proposal, ReGEN Biomedical, UM and MUC+ are building a proof-of-concept assembly line for the development of production platforms for automated and affordable production of (stem) cells and micro and macro tissue on an industrial scale. During the project, close collaborations will be developed with the Maastricht Health Campus (MHC) and the Brightlands Chemelot Campus (BCC), in which joint efforts will be made to identify commercial opportunities, design criteria and market research & connections. The knowledge available in MHC and BCC in the field of valorization and successful growth of organizations is crucial in the scaling up of the RG industry in Limburg.

ReGEN Biomedical is partially funded by REACT-EU (through OPZuid, the European subsidy program for the south of The Netherlands). ReGEN Biomedical is also partially funded by the Nationaal Groeifonds.

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