Omar Paulino


Development of Immunoprotective microwell islet delivery devices and adjuvant therapy for enhanced islet survival.

Omar Paulino da Silva Filho is a Pharmacist interested in the immunoprotection of beta cells using a macroencapsulation device. He obtained his Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Federal University of Brazil, in 2014. He went on to conduct his PhD research (thesis in preparation) at the Department of Biochemistry (Radboudumc) focused on the identification and characterization of polymeric delivery devices for oligonucleotide-based drugs. From there he went on to join the group of Dr Aart van Apeldoorn at the MERLN institute, to optimize the fabrication of an islet encapsulation device and the transplanted islet efficacy. Additionaly, he will also develop new drug strategies to prevent the impairment of islet cells.


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